About Core 8

Core 8 founders Sara Otto and Nikki Meyler are passionate about the ability of the right wellness practice to change your life. At Core 8 we strive to empower our students physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically most importantly, restoring balance to life.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner, an absolute beginner, an expectant mother, or are carrying a specific injury, Core 8 offers the best teachers and holistic specialists when and where you need them. We are your go to booking platform for wellness teachers and healers.

We take your practice into the urban world where we live, providing the community with a quick and easy way to connect with teachers/specialists.  We are infinitely curious about who you are and design bespoke classes for your specific needs.

Our students have the freedom to create the particular type of practice which serves their needs best, when they need it and where they need it. 

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission

At Core 8 our mission is to bring physical and emotional well being to our ever evolving urban communities.

With the diverse expertise our holistic specialists and teachers offer, we aim to help guide students in the evolution of their own personal wellness journey.

Core 8 was founded with a lofty objective: to introduce wellness to the novice, encourage the occasional practitioner to enjoy a more regular practice and provide the experienced student with tools to dive deeper.

Our vision

To develop a legacy of wellness; giving the opportunity to be physically stronger, mentally grounded and emotionally balanced. Helping create communities, which are both inspiring and harmonious.